What are Bath Bombs Good For?

Bath bombs are a great addition to your self-care routine if you regularly bathe and are looking to add a bit more to that routine. Here are some tips on what they do for your body, what kind of results you can expect, and when the best time is to implement them.

What do bath bombs accomplish for health?

They are often heavy moisturizers. Following their usage, you’ll immediately feel a better sense of warmth and softness, which translates to a shift in energy. Energy shifts are difficult to achieve with small quantities of most products, but one bath bomb and hot water will create a world of difference for the user.

Soothing your skin and giving it the required attention it needs is not just for cosmetic appeal. This is a healthy way to care for yourself and improve the overall sense of energy in your body.

When are bath bombs best used?

If you often bathe before bed, bath bombs are perfect additions to a night care routine. They’ll soothe the skin and prepare the body for rest with the relaxing approach users have to the rest of the evening when using bath bombs. 

Are bath bombs messy?

For the most part, no. They’ll dissolve efficiently with the water and not leave any stains or marks on the user. However, if there are flower petals or glitter attached to the bath bomb, this may require a quick rinse off after initially bathing. For the most part, though, this won’t be an issue. 

Are bath bombs safe?

Yes! They are often made with the intention of being completely natural. In some cases, there are minor effects that you’ll be made aware of from the packaging. But in most cases, there are very minimal stresses to worry about. 

The application should be through dissolving mainly. Unless instructed, it’s rare to apply directly to the skin. Avoid doing this as much as possible to in turn avoid skin irritation.

What if my skin is extremely sensitive?

If your skin is generally sensitive and you struggle to apply any sort of moisturizers, cosmetic tools, etc. You’ll likely have a similar reaction with bath bombs. Be aware of this before you initially begin using them, as well as any reactions your body has to chemicals that are needed.

What else can you use bath bombs for?

They are great additions to photoshoots. If you want to give the bathwater a bit of extra aesthetic value or construct some higher value images to pair with filters, bath bombs are beautiful additions. Try them in the water before the shoot at least once to see how they react to the water though, as they sometimes will dissolve and not be as visually appealing later on.

For any of your bath bomb needs, give us a call today or look at our store. We’ll take into account how you are applying them currently, and go through any ideas you may have on aesthetic application.